About Ward Shop Of Essentials

Ward Shop of Essentials was founded in September of 2021. It is a small hand crafted company based in Georgia. During the covid-19 pandemic I was forced out of my job needless to say. It was that moment when I saw how our rights were being taken from us. How we no longer had a choice. Freedom of speech no longer existed. HIPAA laws didn't even matter any more. I felt compelled to find a way to stand for what I felt was right. I had to get creative fast. I wanted to create a brand that stood for people choices and implement another form of freedom of speech without saying a word, as well as being original and true to ones self. My husband and I started putting our thoughts together and that's how the brand Original Genetics was developed. Which started the t-shirt portion of the company.

From that inspiration , I saw how the world as we knew it had change drastically. How separated everyone had become. Where family and friends had separated from our presence but not from our hearts. I felt compelled again to do something to help keep relationships connected during these times ahead. I wanted to provide a way for people to just say hello to their loved ones. A way to let them know that you are thinking of them.  Our candles are designed to help you say hello I haven't forgotten you. Our candles are designed to help up lift  some ones spirit during lonely times. Especially during these pandemic days. This inspired the design of the candle aspect of the company.

As planning went on, I kept thinking of what other essential things people could use during these dark days. I though well we all have been forced to either stay home, work from home, or school from home,  which meant a lot of beverage drinking would be consumed from home. A lot of coffee would be made at home now. How could I make you smile while you enjoy your favorite beverage. That is how I started customizing coffee mugs to help ease the day as you sip away. This is how the coffee mugs became an inspirational piece of the company.

I then came to a point where I thought hey, we all have been put in a position where we have to wear mask every where we go. How could I turn something unpleasant to wear into something pleasant to look at. At the same time how can I make a connection with the people behind the mask to the people in front of the mask. The customizing of the face mask became a part of the business.

With all the ideas of ever day essential that we all could use is what gave me the vision to name the company Ward shop Of Essentials. There you have it the full creation of Ward Shop Of Essentials.